Craft & Creed

We are great believers in the Beauty that God is, which at the best of times can be glimpsed and participated in through the arts in all their nuance and creativity. To celebrate this, we hosted a first ‘Craft & Creed’ weekend in June 2023. Through Craft & Creed we hope to encourage artists and local residents to glimpse something of the beauty and goodness with which God has infused His creation.

On 17-18 June we hosted a weekend-long art exhibition by Toddy Hoare called ‘An Artist’s Journey through Scripture in Bronze and Verse.’ On the Saturday evening we also hosted a concert by the American singer/songwriter Stephanie Staples, featuring music from her album ‘Love broke through’.

The photos here were taken on our launch night, and give a little taster both of Toddy’s work and the very happy atmosphere and engagement we enjoyed around the displayed works of art. All photos are under copyright and used by kind permission of Ivan Chetverikov.